How to Expand Your German Vocabulary


  1. Hello Jenny, Good Tips !

    Let me share with you my thoughts:

    I know that as an absolute beginning level, it is normal to became frustrated when we try to listening to German TV and movies.

    The conclusion I have made is that everything we learn from books and audio courses is Standard German (of course it is important to construct the base), but it is not enough to communicate with native speakers and in order to reach this level, learners also master Casual German.

    As it will take a long time to reach, learners must find a motivation as you said, ten minutes a day to improve vocabulary and all the practices, mostly the listening skills to improve the understanding.

    • Hi Beatriz, you are absolutely right. I was studying French in school for eight years and I thought I really mastered the language. But then I went to France and i couldn’t say a single sentence. In school you learn all the grammar from A to Z but you don’t learn to communicate. So that’s why working in listening comprehension and actually going to the country where the language is spoken to practice speaking is so crucial. 😊

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