Funny German Expressions Using the Word Pig – Vocab and Expressions – B1


Decide which expression you would use in the following situations:

    1. You are outside and it’s -8°C and you are freezing. What can you say? (Provided that you are hanging out with friends or people you feel comfortable with)
    2. No one was there!
    3. Frau Heinrich went grocery shopping and had to carry 3 heavy bags up the stairs. Her sons were sitting on the couch playing Playstation games. What does she tell her husband when he gets home.
    4. You fell while skiing down a steep hill and fell but luckily you didn’t break anything. What can you say about this?
    5. You are talking about your neighbor who just bought a brand new, expensive car. What are you telling your friend?
    6. You decided last night that you would go running in the morning. In the morning, you feel really tired but you still manage to put on your running shoes and go running. What do you say about this?


  1. Es ist schweinekalt.
  2. Kein Schwein war da!
  3. Kein Schwein hat mir geholfen!
  4. Ich habe Schwein gehabt!
  5. Er hat ein Schweinegeld.
  6. Ich habe meinen inneren Schweinehund überwunden!