How to Say “Have a Nice Weekend” – A1


  1. Hello, Jenni
    I’ve been learning German for five months but there were some things I didn’t understand until I watched your channel on Youtube. Your explanations are really clear and easy. Thank you very much for your help.

  2. Ich lerne Deutsch. Spreche ein bisschen besser als ich schreibe. Ich bim 50 Jahre alt, komme aus der Slowakei. Ihre Videos auf finde ich sehr gut. Gut ist schwache wort, die videos sind am bessten. Schade, dass ich Englichesprache nicht verstehe.
    Sie sind sehr nett und haben Sie grosse Charisma.

  3. hello Jenny, my name is Sam, just moved to Germany 6 months ago and i must say that, your lessons is making me enjoy Germany cos of the way you simplify everything as well as your explanations are awesome, pls keep up the good work you are just that great, not everyone can teach like you do. how can i get an online lessons with you?

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