The Accusative Case – Complete Lesson – A2

Young student preparing for college exams

I have compiled a worksheet for you guys that contains all the worksheets I have made about the Accusative Case so far. Find out how to distinguish the Nominative from the Accusative Case, how to find direct and indirect objects in a sentence, get to know Accusative Personal Pronouns and Accusative Possessive Pronouns, learn the most important Accusative prepositions, start practicing adjective declensions in the Accusative Case and get to know some reflexive verbs that use the Accusative Case.

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  1. Hey Jenny! Ich finde die Belohnung sehr Unterricht in und haben sogar darüber nachgedacht, Unterricht zu nehmen mit Ihnen mit SKYPE.
    However I still feel a little bit startled about using internet to transmit my face and voice in real time.


    Dr. Ramon Fortuno

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