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Dear German language enthusiasts,

Contribute to the development of this blog and make a one-time donation:

After I receive your donation, I will give you access to my 500+ worksheets compiled in one single folder for you to download, including all the YouTube videos, podcasts and some scripts. (If you are one of my regular Skype students and would like access or you can’t find the folder, let me know!) 

The folder is updated regularly and it’s growing every day! 🙂 

Please also indicate the email address that you would like the folder sent to because sometimes your Paypal email address is a different one. In case you shouldn’t receive the folder within 24 hours, please email me. Sometimes the folder also goes into the spam folder.

If you have any questions, please contact me: info@germanwithjenny.com

Very detailed questions or individual language-related issues can be discussed in a private Skype lesson rather than in long emails. 

Thanks so much for your support. 



  1. Hi Jenny, I want to be a supporter. I tried to do do it before but I don’t understand what is the meaning “per video”. Is it mean every time I watch a video? Is it mean per every video you have posted? I asked you this before but still confused. I want to make a one time donation, and then every time I think I am able to do it again I would do it. For instance I would like to make a donation of $20, and then in the near future according to the use I make of your amazing videos I would make another donation, and so on. I don’t want to be attached to a monthly rate. I just visited again the site but still it shows the alternatives but all linked to a “per video”. Thanks for your wonderful job.

  2. Hey jenny Thanks for your support for us to increase with lnguage skills I would like to ask you how I can get that folder which includes all exercises and videos so that when I get a lesson its easy for me to get better but also with theanswers you tell me the steps and the cost and remember all exercises from a1 to c1 thanks

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