Hey everyone,

I noticed that I haven’t ever made a post in which I have asked for your feedback and not a lot of people are commenting here on my blog… So the time has come for you to voice your opinion. 🙂

Some of you may have noticed that you are now able to actually fill in the gaps digitally in the pdf files which means you don’t have to print the worksheets anymore (I can hear the trees cheering! 🙂 )The folder that I share with my supporters (Patrons and one-time donators) already contains all the pdf files with fill-in options. Thanks Alex for your help with this!

I would also love to read your feedback about my worksheets in general. Tell me what you like and don’t like. What can I improve? What kind of exercises do you want me to make? What grammar topics do you need to practice?

Thanks so much.



  1. I learned a lot with your posts and videos. It’s far better compared to German classes I’ve attended before.

    It would be more beneficial if you could also make/post videos regarding “Pflege Deutsch ” z.B. Deutsch im Krankenhaus uzw. Danke viel mals.

  2. I have been practicing and watching your YouTube videos for almost 2 years from now.

    I would like to thank you for the effort you put up for presenting and teaching German language and providing the exercises to work upon.

    Vielen Dank,
    Shivang Tandon

  3. Hey Jenny, I love your blog and I will say your exercises help me a lot. I just want something more useful for SPRECHEN and LESERVERSTEHEN. The topics I want you to clear K1 and K2.

  4. Love the blogs and the worksheets. I lead a group of old people who are trying to improve their German. I’m not an expert myself so we find your material really helpful, partly because you also provide answers. Many Thanks.

  5. I haven’t been making your worksheets for a while but as far as I remember, they’re really good. Surely your videos are and I learned a lot with you. Speaking of what topics I would like to hear about: soll vs. sollte vs. dürfte vs. müsste. I don’t know if you’ve already talked about it, I think I’ll take a look 😅

  6. The worksheets are great and that is why I have been a Patreon member of your website for over 3 years now. However, I learn better by listening and I love your horverstehen videos. On my last visit to Germany my friends were amazed how much my German had improved.

  7. Dear Mrs/Miss Jenny,
    it is a great pleasure for me to feedback about your online lessens English to Deutsch , I found it perfect understandable and clear.
    Thumbs up to you , keep on it is helpful.
    best Regards
    Bashir Abdi

  8. I am new to this website, but I would like to see some very basic reading texts with comprehension questions. Short stories, for example with limited vocabulary for a beginner. Thank you.

  9. Hi Jenny!
    What you have produced is really fantastic.
    The shear volume of what you have made available plus the fact you generally speak German either side of the English translation and provide subtitles as well makes your system the best I’ve seen by a big margin.

    The only thing I could suggest is making the documents that are available to your donors more clearly linked to the youtube footage.
    I received the link to download all of your exercises and it would be great to visit the youtube footage relevant to it.
    Perhaps there’s a system already and I’ve missed it?

    Besides this, you’ve done an incredible job and you should be proud of the amount of assistance yoiu’ve provided struggling German learners like myself!

  10. Dear Jenny. Just keep doing what you do in the way you do. You are the best. Your explanations are so clear and easy to understand. I am not German native speaker nor English native speaker. But, when I saw your video on you tube for the first time(it was about two years ago) I said to myself that it is the best way for me to learning German. Just to say that I learn German four years already using Duolingo , but with your videos and vlogs I’ve improved my German much more. Maybe you should make more vlogs which include dialogues. Many regards!

  11. In fact, the reason why I didn’t use the exercise sheets was the need for printing them, I had no idea they’ve been turned into editable PDF now. 😀 I’ll start downloading them right away! That was an amazing idea!

  12. Halo Jenny, ich scheitere immer noch mit “Reported Speach”-indirekte rede. Der Patient leide an chronischer Husten. Er hatte auch beinödem…. usw.
    Das war eigentlich mein schlimste Note in my C1 prüfung. Ich muss das verbessern! Momentan finde ich kaum Zeit zu schlaffen, aber ich bitte dich dazu etwas zu plannen. Wenn es alles passt wie gegossen, soll ich mein Fähigkeit den Fällen zu vorstellen, kommende Januar.
    LG Agroni

  13. You are a star, Jenny! I’ve been watching your videos for as long as I’ve been learning German, almost 4 years and have learnt so much. I still have problems with adjective endings before nouns and listening comprehension can be a nightmare for me (particularly when I’m in Bayern!). More listening comprehension exercise videos would be wonderful.

  14. Hello Jenny,
    I have been trying to learn German for about 2 years now, as I have become friends with the mom of one of our exchange students from Germany. She is learning English and I German!! Your worksheets and Vlogs are great and give me a chance to practice what I have learned on-line and with my tutor. I enjoy your videos as you speak slow enough to be understood and have great examples. Keep up the good work. One thing that I would like some clarification on is how to say “to change”. There are many different verbs in German for this simple phrase – to change trains, to change clothes, to change your attitude, etc. A video and worksheets on this topic would be wonderful. Vielen Dank!

  15. Jenny you are the best! I watch your videos and try to do all worksheets coming to my mailbox. I just want to thank you for your effort, I learned so much from you. What I could ask is exercises with umgangsprachlich words & sentences. We learn from textbooks but when it comes to talking to people outside, they use “weird” words that we can’t understand. If you have already done and I missed, then I am sorry 🙂

  16. Hi Jenny, your worksheets are very useful. Excellent in fact. Please keep up your great work. It is refreshing to see how simple everyday ideas are expressed in German eg I am tired, earlier, etc. (your video sessions are great)

  17. Hi Jenny,
    I listen to your videos regularly, it is very helpful to me. I really want to do more of your worksheets but most often I run out of time. Everytime I answer the Übungen, I can see always my mistakes and it helps me to know those wrong answers and do it better the next time. Thank you so much cause it keep me motivated cause it makes me more articulate in spechen Deutsch, though it is not really as fluent as I can when I speak English, but it is really worth watching your videos. Looking forward to see more of your educational videos. More power and God bless you always. Thank you for sharing your great expertise in Deutsch learning videos.

  18. Hi Jenny,
    Your request for feedback certainly worked! I really like what you’re doing and have been meaning to contact you about some Skype lessons. Your videos are very well done and I have learned a great deal from them. I recently moved to Berlin from London and really need to improve my German. The editable worksheets are a great idea about which I did not know until your email. One suggestion I have is that you publish a guide or arrange the video’s and worksheets in such a way that they make a German language course with a defined starting point and running order. I get the impression there is a structure to what you’re doing but it’s not clear to me where to start and what to move on to next. Keep doing what you do, please; it’s really, really appreciated.

  19. Hallo Jenny,
    Your Videos are really useful and I learn a Lot from it. Thankyou for your Enthusiasm in teaching. Can you please Make some Videos for exam preparation for b1 to b2. Like Few topics for emails and Essay writing….We all will be grateful to you Jenny.

  20. Hi Jenny,

    I am new to your videos and a very recent donor. I really like everything you’ve done. Your English translations/explanations are extremely easy to understand and the videos are well done. I look forward to practicing in the future with reading comprehension exercises I think this will be of great benefit to new learners wishing to improve quickly.

    Vielen Dank!

  21. Merhaba Jenny,
    1. Some of your lessons are short (5 or more min better).
    2. Your grammar explanations generally very good.
    3. Although officially, there is no standard list of words according to level of Deutsch Course, it will be better to prepare a graded word list for students. As you know, without fluently saying expressions according to grammatical rules, there is no need to learn more words. In some of your expressions, I can found more advanced words.
    4. There is no need to speak faster in advanced levels. When you speak somewhat slowly, the students can understand both the expression and included grammatical rules .
    5. At the end, you are the best teacher among the German teachers whom I could speak personally in Germany and watch their video lessons in Youtube etc.
    Viel Glück,

  22. Dear Jenny, Thanks to you I got the courage to teach Feldenkrais in German at a local Volkshochschule in Vienna. I have to admit that the first lesson was really frightening, but I have given 6 classes now and people keep coming back so it can’t be that bad…your generosity in providing a platform for so many of us to learn German is so inspiring. I’ve recommended your site to so many people and often people are amazed to discover that I really learned on YouTube with your lessons . I would welcome some lessons on vocabulary to do with sensory experience-warnehmen, Fühlen, spüren and how I can develop those….but I am also happy to continue with what you have already provided. Keep up your amazing work- you are enabling so many people to feel more at home in german speaking countries. I am so glad I made the leap 😉

  23. Hallo Jenny. Ich Heiße Stefan. Ich komme aus Bulgarien. Ich bin 51 Jahren alt. Ich bin ein Elektroingenieur. Mein Arbeitgeber kommt aus Österreich. Also Ich möchte deutsch können sprechen.
    Your lessons in the YouTube are cool. I learn German mainly of them. You explain very well the grammar, the way how to use the difficult fraises and like native German speaker I understand you very well. It’s a cool that you repeat the sentences 2 times and I have time to write and check it of my notebook. What I’d like? Like electrical engineer I need vocabulary of technical terms, like Electric energy, current {Amperes} , Voltage {Volts}, electric power, green energy, nuclear energy and ets. Payment of electricity is aktual in a lot of countries of the world so I think that these kinds of sentence would be very interesting. One of my responsibility of the work is to check for theft electricity. I’d like to have more videos that you speak German without English. I can listen you until I drive my companion car. And don’t change your stile. Its cool. I hope one day to create Skype group. And?Vielen Dank dear Jenny.

  24. Dear Jenny, I like your videos and worksheets very much. I am not a very diligent student, but occasionally, when I have time in the morning, I listen to your videos at breakfast, and I also fill in the worksheets from time to time. The gaps that can be filled in are a great improvement. Thanks for all.

  25. I would appreciate a video covering “geboren” – Ich bin geboren? Ich wurde geboren? Ich bin geboren worden? And is it different when talking about a 3rd person? Meine Mutter ist geboren? Meine Mutter war geboren? Sie wurde in Paris geboren? Sie war in Paris geboren? Sie ist in Paris geboren worden? So many choices? Which are correct, idiomatic and which are not? What are the differences in meaning between the ones that are acceptable (in the case that more than one is correct?)

  26. Dear Jenny your worksheets, your videos and all the information that you share with us is highly valuable and I’ve learned a lot with them. The worksheets are always so useful and they allow me test my knowledge in a very accurate way. Thank you so much.If I ever can give you any help, you really have a friend here in Paris where I’m living now. Your work is great. There are no way to thank you for so many hours of work and dedication.

  27. Long ago I asked about give one payment donation ($20 or more). I would like to donate two or three times a year. I don’t want to be linked to a monthly payment or per video (which I don’t understand how it works). Your videos are amazing, and I think it is fair to donate, you deserve it. I would suggest a section for “patrons for once a year” . I saw a recommendation in the FAQ, which eventually I will follow (a little complicated though).
    In one movie I saw this: “Tur zu” which I understood as “close the door”. There are many expressions like this. I would be nice if you include in the future short dialogues with these kind of short phrases (specially kid’s conversation). Also there are hundreds of combinations ( I don’t expect that you cover all of them) thata re a mix of auch, noch, mal, schon, etc. Just an idea. I want to say thank you for your videos, you are amazing

  28. your site is very very helpful and amaizing but in the worksheets the questions are very easy you know I just wonder why don’t you make it alittle bit harder or tricky you know i just answer them in a minute but its very amazing and there’s another question why dont you make a pdf book for lessons and worksheets like I love books more than answering online and its gonna be more helpful when I watch your video and having your book reading the lesson while um listening to you you know its gonna be amazing so please t to gather your lessons and worksheets in one pdf book so I could be able to print it please think about it

  29. Hallo Jenny! Ich danke Ihnen für diese tolle Web-Site und Videos. Ich habe viel von das gelernt. Ich bereite mich für b2 Prüfung, ich habe nein Buch weggelassen und lerne mit Jenny in YouTube 😉 aber ich auf deine Videos ab 162 bis 199 . Ich hoffe die Kurtz verbereit werden, weil ich am 13 Dezember Prüfung habe.

    Ich wünsche dir am besten. 🤗🍀

  30. Hi Jenny,
    My husband and I moved to Germany a few months ago and enrolled in intensive German classes. We are now in A2. We use your videos all the time to help us better understand what was covered in class.
    I would like to make a request. Can you please make a video on the common phrases used to order food and drinks at bakeries and coffee houses, and also, on what you can expect a cashier to ask you when checking out groceries? For example, I think the cashier asks if I collect points, or have a customer card, and the barista asks if I want chocolate sprinkled on my cappuccino.

  31. This is difficult to say but the reason you haven’t received comments from me before now is because the problem is definitely me and NOT you. I began learning German in August of this year. In my four months of German learning, I started out with Memrise, Rosetta Stone and Babbel. Then I discovered you and downloaded your A1 worksheets. Alles gut!

    That’s where the story takes an unsatisfying turn. I dumped Rosetta Stone in favor of DuoLingo and signed up for a subscription to GermanPod101. I also purchase Idahosa Ness’ The Flow Method because my German pronunciation is so poor. I also purchased flash cards and some German “Easy Reader” books. Unfortunately, I put your course; videos and worksheets on the back burner.

    Now I think I’m going to recommit to your training for grammar and listening skills along with Memrise and DouLingo for vocabulary. I’m enrolled in an free Open University course on improving German listening skills and still like using Babbel for grammar as well as listening skills. I’m working on my pronunciation and putting it all together once per week with an iTalki tutor who is a German native speaker and I recently joined a Meetup Group of German speakers who want to practice English while I get to use some German.

    I plan on letting the Mimic Method and GermanPod101 subscription go because the programs are not terribly effective and a lot of time is spent on selling their next product. I enjoyed viewing your recent video on German Language “go to” sites on YouTube. While I subscribe to several, including yours, I also like Deutsch für Euch, Learn German with Ania, Deutsch Welle, and Don’t Trust the Rabbit (German Culture).

    I know this is a long-winded answer but to put it into a nutshell, I think I succumbed to the urge of a lot of new students to grab everything I can get my hands on and what I really need is just one or two tools maximum each for vocabulary, reading/writing, listening/speaking and grammar. I am very glad to have you for my grammar component.

    Bis Bald,


  32. Jenny,

    Ich geniesse Ihre Lern-materialien(?) . Danke! Ich finde dass die Uebungen gut geplant und zusammengestellt sind. Ich habe gerade Ihre Video ueber Ihren Urlaub am Nordsee angeschaut.

    Mit freunlichen Gruessen,

    Roger (Vegetarier und tierfreunlicher Amerikaner)

  33. Liebe Jenny
    Danke für Ihre Videos. Ich finde sie sehr nützlich und hilfsbereit.
    Ich würde gerne sehen, dass Sie im Anfang das Arbeitsblatt in ein paar Sätzen eine Lektion erklären.

    Zum Beispiel
    Lektion Um..zu, damit

    Um…zu = in order to
    – describes purpose, intention or goal
    For example
    Er ist hier, um dir zu helfen.

    damit = so that, with the purpose that
    Sie redet langsam, damit ihre Schüler sie verstehen.

    You can not say the sentence using um…zu because the subject in first clause is ”sie” and in a second is ”ihre Schüler”.

    Ich sehe die Erklärung ein parmaal und finde die sehr nützlich. Wir können damit ein Heft machen.
    Ich hoffe, dass Sie mich verstehen kann, was ich sagen wollte.

    Vielen Dank für alles!

  34. Hi Jenny!Although I am short and neglectful in my response I have been your ever faithful student of the” Deutsche Sprache ” I am delighted to say your lessons are excellent. I have printed almost all your lessons and bound those in a book form .Bitte sehr! continue your lessons. I will be sending my part as a subscriber to your network.Tchuss,Cecile

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