The Verb “to think” – B1/B2

Watch the video and then translate the following sentences into German (Answer Key below)

  1. I am thinking about my future.
  2. Have you thought about whether you want to come along with us? (informal)
  3. I have to think about his suggestion.
  4. He made us an offer. But we have to think about it first.
  5. Before I give you an answer, I have to think about what you told me yesterday. Continue reading

Verbs and Phrases Related to Thinking – B2

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Translate the following verbs and expressions into your native language

  • an etwas zurückdenken – ___________________________
  • sich etwas ausdenken – ___________________________
  • überlegen – ___________________________
  • sich etwas durch den Kopf gehen lassen – ___________________________
  • überdenken – ___________________________

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