How to Say “I would like to…” – A2


Fill in the correct form of “würden” and then translate the sentences into English.

  1. Ich __________ dir gerne helfen.    __________________________________________
  2. Er __________ gerne mit uns kommen.    __________________________________________
  3. Wir __________ euch gerne begleiten.    __________________________________________
  4. Sie (pl.) __________ uns gerne unterstützen.    __________________________________________
  5. Ich __________ Ihnen gerne zuschauen.    __________________________________________ Continue reading

How to Say “I like to…” – A2

Watch the video and then go through the set of flash cards.

Translate the following sentences into German:

Examples: I like to play soccer more than basketball. –> Ich spiele lieber Fußball als Basketball.

I like chocolate more than gummy bears –> Ich mag Schokolade lieber als Gummibärchen.


  1. I like to play the guitar more than the drums.


  1. He likes spaghetti more than potatoes.


  1. She likes to go for a walk in the park.


  1. We like to go to the bakery at lunchtime.


  1. He doesn’t like to get wet in the rain.


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