Question Words with Different Tenses: Who? – Accusative – A2


Wen? (Who?)

  • asks for the direct object or the object of an accusative preposition

Complete the following sentences by conjugating the verbs. Use the present tense.  (Answer Key below)

  1. Wen _________ (erwarten) Sie?

(Who are you expecting?) 

  1. Wen _________ (suchen) du?

(Who are you looking for?) 

  1. Wen _________ (abholen) du ______?

(Who are you picking up?)  Continue reading

German Word Order – Questions – A2

  1. gehst – du – wohin (Where are you going?
  2. du – machst – ein Foto (Are you taking a picture?)
  3. er – geht – nach Hause (Is he going home?)
  4. du – eine E-Mail – schreibst (Are you writing an email?)
  5. im Planschbecken – sind – die Kinder (Are the kids in the wading pool?) Continue reading