Question Words – A1/A2

Medieval town of Rothenburg ob der Tauber, Bavaria, Germany

Fill in the following question words: warum, wann, wie viel, wie viele, wo, wie, wer, woher, wohin, welche, welches, was (Answer Key below)


  • Wie kommst du nach Zürich? – Mit dem Auto.
  • Wann ist die Prüfung? – Am Montag.
  1. __________ bist du zu spät gekommen?
  2. __________ kommt dein Zug an?
  3. __________ Autos besitzen Sie?
  4. __________ geht es Ihnen?
  5. __________ lange musst du heute arbeiten? Continue reading

German Lesson (101) – Come visit me! – The Verb “besuchen” – Vocab + Listen – A2

Schau dir das Video an und vervollständige dann die folgenden Sätze

Watch the Video and then complete the following sentences

besucht ∙ besuchen ∙ zu  lasst ∙ vielen  wann ∙ kommt  mal ∙ selten würde unerwarteten  Wochenende hast
  1.  Morgen gehe ich meine Oma ____________.
  2. Natalie ____________ morgen zu Besuch. Ich freu‘ mich!
  3. Sascha und Julia kommen morgen vorbei.
  4. ____________ du Besuch?
  5. Wohnst du hier? – Nein. Ich bin nur ______ Besuch. Continue reading

Funny German Expressions Using the Word Pig – Vocab and Expressions – B1


Decide which expression you would use in the following situations:

  1. You are outside and it’s -8°C and you are freezing. What can you say? (Provided that you are hanging out with friends or people you feel comfortable with)
  2. No one was there!
  3. Frau Heinrich went grocery shopping and had to carry 3 heavy bags up the stairs. Her sons were sitting on the couch playing Playstation games. What does she tell her husband when he gets home. Continue reading

How to Say “I am Hungry” – A2

Watch the video and then translate the following sentences:

  1. I am hungry.
  2. Are you hungry? (formal)
  3. Would you like to eat something? (formal)
  4. Are you thirsty? (informal) Continue reading

I have to go to the bathroom! – German expressions – B1


Watch the video and translate the following sentences into German:

  1. Bathroom (colloquial term)
  2. Bathroom (standard term)
  3. The ladies’ bathroom
  4. The men’s bathroom
  5. I have to go to the bathroom. (talking to your friends) Continue reading